Finding Peace: Wordle #387

Divorce is hard, even when it is the right move to make. But Patty knew that neither she nor Jack could continue on the wild roller-coaster of a ride that their marriage had become. She refused to forgive him one more time, and his getting down on his knees had not convinced her that he was repenting of his decision to cheat again.

The calls from the other woman had been the last straw, especially her insistence that she and Jack were in love. Of all the women in the world, he had chosen her best friend, Carla, the one person she thought would never betray her. She had even lamented his earlier cheating to Carla, thinking that Carla had commiserated with her. It just made no sense!

She felt such despair at being alone again, but she knew that if she were to ever be joyful again, she had to risk being lonely. And as she continued her walk through the trees, kicking at the pebbles that lined the path, she drew the sweet air of the forest into her lungs.

She listened to the birds singing in sweet harmony. Oh, how the forest reminded her of the beauty to be found in life when we are willing to let go of the negative aspects of our lives that hold us down, and, with faith, grab hold of the possibilities for change and growth.

Suddenly, she felt the peace of God seeping deep into her soul. She was free, and she knew that, after a while, everything would be great in her life again.

Fictional story written for Wordle #387 from The Sunday Whirl.

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