Beware of Strange Invitations: Three Things Challenge

Mollie and Kenny looked at the invitation from Dr. Marshall, wondering why they were invited to his laboratory on next Tuesday. There will be chamber music, which they both love, and a meal will be served, including one of Kenny’s favorites, Swiss cheese.

Kenny said, “Dr. Marshall is conducting AI research on creating robots that can feel emotions. We don’t know anything about the subject, but it sounds like a great evening, and we just might learn something. So, shall we RSVP our acceptance?”

Mollie responded, ” Yes! A chance to hear that new chamber group can’t be missed! Their concerts are always sold out! It should be such fun! I love you.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Marshall is nervously awaiting a reply from Kenny and Mollie! He is on the brink of a great breakthrough! If he can capture the brain signals when Kenny and Mollie speak of love for each other, and can transfer those signals into his robots, he will have succeeded in creating robots with human emotions.

Just think of the market for machines that can show love, as well as clean the house, wash the car, cut the grass, and perform other chores without expecting some of one’s time or emotional energy! No need for human interaction at all! I will be rich!

Fictional story written for The Three Things Challenge for January 22, 2019: Tuesday, chamber music, and Swiss cheese. Your Daily prompt is Laboratory.

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