The Book Cure: 100 Word Wednesday

Marcia crept into her grandmother’s library, amazed at the copious numbers of books she had owned. She cried at the unfairness of life, for her beloved grandmother had died last night. No more would she cuddle with Gramma as they took turns reading the latest book in her collection and discussing the book afterwards.

She thought that it would be impossible to return to this room. But, because she could feel Gramma’s spirit in every nook and cranny, her weary and battered soul felt at peace. She picked up the last book Gramma had bought and started reading it aloud.

Written for this week’s 100 Word Wednesday #106 from Bikurgurl, with a photo by Darwin Vegher. The earlier one I did was from last week, which I obviously missed, and I did not notice that so early in the morning.

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