Watch Your Step: The Three Things Challenge

A haunting memory fuels my philosophy.

It was October, 1999, if I remember it right.

I was enamored with the man beside me,

As we went walking in the moonlight.

Looking at him and not where I was going,

I stepped on a hedgehog with sharp quills,

The pain was so severe and unexpected,

That I experienced the mother of all spills.

My responses ranged from anger to laughter,

As I washed the smelly slime off my seat.

So, while its good to swoon with your fellow,

Don’t forget to watch where you place your feet.

Fictional story (although still great advice) written for the Three Things Challenge from The Haunted Wordsmith, January 24, 2019: hedgehog, philosophy, 1999. Word of the Day Challenge is Haunting. Fandango prompt is Range. Your Daily Prompt is Slime.

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