A Parenting Fairy Tale: Tale Weaver

Once upon a time there lived a little girl names Doria,

Who had a younger evil sister named Gloria.

The sisters would never become good friends,

At least, that is what their mother told her kin.

Gloria kept her sister in tears and in fear,

Keeping other children from getting too near.

People called her the evil spawn of the devil,

Saying that she was bad and not very clever.

But, the problem that made one sister hate the other

Was caused by the actions of father and mother.

They showed excess love for the older child,

While making the younger one feel like an exile.

Gloria was unloved, and that made her mad,

But rather than explain this to her Mom and Dad,

She acted out her pain by causing great strife,

While hoping for big changes in her life.

The thought that Gloria was evil was untrue.

She simply had much horror to live through.

So, parents, be careful to love children the same,

For they each share your genes and your name.

The years have passed and both sisters are grown,

And their relationship has gotten quite strong.

Doria finally learned the truth, and in the end,

The sisters were able to become good friends.

A fairy tale poem written for the Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale Challenge: Once Upon a Time. I have never wrote a fairy tale, but thought I would try, after looking up elements of a fairy tale. It was a nice challenge.

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