What Would You Be? Three Things Challenge

Joshua and Maggie had heard nothing but rave reviews for the Make Your Dreams Come True Resort located on the outskirts of Sleepy Valley. From everything that they had heard, they looked forward to two weeks of pure fun and pleasure.

Arriving on a Monday morning, they were greeted by a young man with such a warm smile. When they asked his name, he responded, “No names are used here at Make Your Dreams Come True Resort. We do not record any personal information here on the premises, so that people can feel free to be whomever they wish for the duration of their stay.”

After showing them to their suite, he left them to change into the personas that they had chosen when they paid for the vacation, telling them that he would return for them in an hour’s time. Each one of them walked into a room with their names stenciled on the door, and they were startled at what they found waiting for them.

Joshua had chosen to be a rugged cowboy who drove herds of cattle from place to place. In the room, he found cowboy shirts and jeans, boots, complete with spurs, ropes, and a ten-gallon hat. Everything fit him to a tee! He dressed, and as he looked in the mirror at his transformation from bookkeeper to cowboy, he couldn’t help shouting, “Yippee ki yay!”

In the other room, Maggie found her outfit for becoming a Navy lawyer, working for the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, or JAG. With a blue naval suit, with red tie and a white hat, she looked like Catherine Bell as Sarah MacKenzie on the television show named JAG. She stood in front of the mirror practicing, “I object, Your Honor.” She was not a mild-mannered paralegal just now!

Neither knew what the other had requested to be, and so when they emerged from their prospective rooms, they looked at each other and just laughed. As they stood there admiring each, the young man returned and escorted them to their separate adventures. They would see each other again in two weeks, when it would be time to go home.

For Joshua, it was off to the ranch, and Maggie was taken to JAG headquarters. By the end of the two weeks, Joshua could barely move from a bad back and had calloused hands, and Maggie had almost died at the hands of a disgruntled petty officer who was dishonorably discharged when Maggie lost his case.

Both decided that their present careers were more than enough for them! Moreover, they decided to stick to their regular vacations, reclining on the beach to get great tans.

Fictional story written for The Three Things Challenge, January 28, 2019: Navy, cowboy, and record. Fandango prompt is Resort.

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