First Line Friday, February 1, 2019

Millie couldn’t believe her luck, an eighteenth century, hand-carved oak hope chest with original fixtures intact– and all she had to do was convince them to sell it to her. The lady homeowner was reluctant to sell the chest, for it had been in her family for generations.

Millie knew an antique when she saw one, as she was the expert on 18th century furniture at the auction house where she worked. What a coup it would be for her to obtain such a treasure, especially considering these rubes didn’t know what they had.

Millie looked at the husband and wife, and she sensed that the chest had been a bone of contention between them before, for the husband seemed ready to get rid of it! So, she played on his anger, stating, “I would imagine that this chest takes up a lot of room in your bedroom, being so big and all!”

The husband responded, “Why, yes, I see you understand my dilemma! I was just saying those very same words to my wife the other day. Believe me, I don’t mean to diminish the sentimental value of it to her, but I have wanted for so long to place a entertainment chest in the room, complete with a television.Just think of what we can do in the bedroom, Darling, if we got rid of this old thing!”

His wife, caught between wanting to argue with him and being a nice hostess, finally saw that she was not going to win this argument, not with someone willing to buy the thing, which had been her argument, in addition to the familial value. But she had one more card up her sleeve!

Believing that if she priced it too high, Millie might change her mind, she suggested what she thought was too high a cost: three hundred dollars. To her chagrin, Millie agreed to the price and paid them right on the spot.

Millie called her friend, John, and he came and helped her get the chest to her office. Two weeks later, at an auction for 18th century antiques, the chest fetched $25,000!

The moral of this story: have your assets appraised, so you are not ripe for picking by some slick auctioneer.

Fictional story written for First Line Friday by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, February 1, 2019.

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