Hope in Different Languages

The water feature above caught my eye in Spain because of the writing covering it. However, there is something tranquil about water features that draw our attention to them and fuel our fascination with them. Several languages were represented, and in one place life is defined in English, but I cannot make out what is written.

I thought of it as just a gimmick to draw tourists, but in hindsight, I think that it is filled with messages of hope that people can read in their own language. I wish I had taken the time to read the English more carefully, instead of trying to do so from a picture with a magnifying glass.

Indeed, the image of a young woman seemingly holding on to the world as it spins seems a metaphor for searching hearts everywhere. The sphere did not turn, if I remember correctly, but it sitting on its base reminded me of the burdens that can seem to weigh us down in those moments when it seems that we carry the world on our backs.

There was a sense of adventure in the piece that appealed to my wandering and restless soul. The young lady looking from behind her perch signaled the idea that although she is looking back into her past, she is ready for what comes next in her life. I so wish that I could have read each word and received the lessons engraved on the piece.

In Spain, nearly everything is written in three languages, according to where you visit. In Elche, Spain, where I think this picture was taken, the languages were Spanish, Valencian, and English for us mono-linguistic English speakers. The inclusiveness of incorporating three languages, not leaving anyone excluded, underscored the universality of people’s restlessness to see the world. It also speaks to an appreciation of differnt cultures, a attribute that I found wonderful in the Spainsh people.

Of course, it may simply be a globe with warnings like “don’t touch the artword.” But I somehow think that the messages are deeper, and it saddens me that I missed out on them. If anyone can learn what is written, please send me the translations.

Fandango prompt is Hindsight. Word of the Day Challenge is Gimmick.

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