Secrets Only Children Know: Sunday Writing Prompt

“I thought we agreed no more secrets,” said Calla’s mother, Joy. Calla knew that inevitably one of the children would spill the beans to his or her parents, and Jeffrey would have to “go away,” an adult euphemism for his being killed. As long as he remained one of the secrets only the children knew, he was safe in the old shed out back of her house.

But, Calla introduced her mother, Joy, to Jeffrey, a gentle giant, in spite his look of ferocity and his size. As the door opened, Jeffrey came barreling out, scaring poor Joy so that she fell to the ground.

Thinking that she was playing a game with him, he started to push against her with his mouth, but oh, so gently. Joy shouted, “Whoa, big boy, move back!” But, she was laughing, petting him on his huge head.

Joy looked at Calla and said, “You know that Jeffrey cannot remain in the shed, right? Let’s call the zoo, and see if we can’t find a better place for him. Then, all the children in the city can experience his joyful spirit and love.” Calla smiled and nodded, so thankful for her unconventional mother.

Fictional story written for Sunday Writing Prompt by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: It’s All in the Title: Secrets Only Children Know.

For the Sunday Photo Fiction from Time to Write Sentence Starter #43 {Creative Writing Prompt} from Rachel Poli: I thought we agreed no more secrets.

The Sunday Photo Fiction, February 3, 2019 from Susan, with Photo Credit: C. E. Ayr.

8 thoughts on “Secrets Only Children Know: Sunday Writing Prompt

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  1. Whew, I’m glad my namesake Joy had a positive reaction to this gentle giant, and the children’s fears about what would happen to poor Jeffrey weren’t proven correct! Of course it only makes me wonder, how did a dragon end up being hidden in a shed by a bunch of kids? Sounds like a fun Disney movie, to me!


  2. Jeffrey should go to a zoo. Not only other kids will be able to see him, it is also safer that way. Never know what the animal is thinking on a given day. Todays friend can be tomorrows foe.


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