The Power of a Father’s Promise: Three Things Challenge

Shane looked as forward to leaving this place of ice and snow as did the members of his team. Underneath its sheer beauty were so many hidden places where a man could find himself bloodied from head to toe, his life quickly ebbing away. Each day, he could see that his men were becoming mutinous, something in the veiled way they looked at him or refused to do so.

But, this was the last place where a transmission had been received from the research team of scientists that included his daughter, Janna. He would do everything in his power, even go it alone if he had to do so, to find either his daughter alive or the answers to what happened to her team.

He pulled his snow spectacles over his eyes, stepped out into the cold, and began another day of searching, praying to a deity that he sometimes did not believe in that he would have success, even if that meant returning home with just her remains. He was her daddy, and he had promised her that there was nowhere she could go that he would not follow, if she needed him.

He had told his men that he understood that they did not owe his daughter the same loyalty, and that he would not think badly of them if they chose to leave. When he looked back over his shoulder, a smiled crossed his face very temporarily, for all of his men were following him. He had saved each one of their lives once, and they were committed to helping him.

Hours passed before someone shouted, “Look ahead!” There in the distance was a tent surrounded in snow, and they could just make out the evaporation flowing from underneath it. As Shane stepped into the tent, afraid of what he might find, he looked into his daughter’s eyes. She said, “I knew you would come, Daddy! I told them that my father will find us!”

“Let’s get you guys to safety and you can tell us what happened, then,” Shane stated, as he hugged his daughter. As everyone headed toward the six-wheel-drive vehicles that would take them to their fixed-wing aircraft, Shane could not help but reflect on the power of prayer.

Fictional story written for the Three Things Challenge from The Haunted Wordsmith: ice, bloody, and spectacles.

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