Appreciate Praying Friends

Poem written for the One-Rhyme Friday Challenge from Judy Dykstra Brown, in which only one rhyme is used. I decided to try my hand at it.

A dear friend called me today,

And she had much to me to say:

When your situation becomes a fray,

It’s good to have a friend who knows to pray.

A friend like that holds panic at bay,

So when troubles and trials start to weigh

On our hearts and souls, then without delay,

Go to friends who speak with Jesus every day.

No matter what befalls them, they never stray

From calling on the One that promised to stay

By their sides and never to go away,

So on Him our troubles they will lay.

They always answer yes and never nay

To our requests and don’t ask for pay.

Instead, they tell us all will be okay,

So to praying friends let us make hay.

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