Not Impressed with Me, It Seems

As a new professor with Doctor in front of my name,

I could not wait to put my new knowledge in motion.

I thought that the students would be quite impressed,

But one yawning student disavowed me of that notion.

As I looked at that miscreant who dared act as if he were bored,

I was encouraged that the rest of the class listened to what I said.

Then, with a rustle of papers, another student fell with a thud,

With a hoot, I realized that I wasn’t the best thing since cornbread.

Written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday by Linda G, Hill: yawn.

Also for the Saturday Mix: Onomatopoeia: hoot, thud, and rustle. My first time teaching and boring students to death fit this. There is nothing like having a student fall out of a chair while lecturing to know that you have to change your style of teaching.

One thought on “Not Impressed with Me, It Seems

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  1. LOL…I can only say that as a student (light years ago) I shared this experience. When I chose to do a post grad degree I made sure I was an external student. Enjoyed the honesty of your poem.

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