The Case for Rabbit Wire: Three Things Challenge

When John and Susan moved into the suburbs, they did not expect to see wild animals, except maybe squirrels. Then, John created a garden with carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, and green beans. Secure in his belief that the young plants were safe, he did not enclose the garden.

Then, one morning as he stood in his bathrobe drinking his first cup of coffee, John noticed a brown rabbit in the garden. He stepped outside to investigate, and the rabbit ran off.

John dressed and went outside to check his garden, only to find that some of plants had been thoroughly eaten. So, he purchased some chicken wire to place around his garden, guessing that would keep out the rabbits. But, he was wrong!

After another couple of days passed, it became obvious that the chicken wire was not working. John went to the home garden store, and the associate told him he needed a rabbit wire fence. It was hard to bite through. He needed to cover the whole garden, if he were going to have that wonder kaleidoscope of colorful vegetables that he envisioned.

John placed the green rabbit wire fence around the garden, and he had no more problems with the rabbits getting into his garden. One morning, John stepped out on the porch and saw a cute little brown rabbit sitting like a statue, just staring at the garden, as if trying to determine how he could circumvent the wire and get to those tender plants he loved.

The rabbit must have stood there for thirty minutes, with John watching him. Finally, convinced of his defeat, he hopped away into the neighbors’ yard. John did not see any rabbits again. Admittedly, he felt sorry for the rabbits, but not enough to sacrifice his desire for fresh vegetables.

Semi-autobiographical story written for The Three Things Challenge PL10: rabbit, bathrobe, kaleidoscope

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