Help Me!: Wordle #122

Angela’s favorite hat flew off her head in the wind and right up into the tree found in the courtyard of her home. She knew it was folly trying to rescue the hat, but it was one of her treasures.

Unfortunately, there were flowers just below the the tree that have an attractancy for bees, and she did not want to get stung, on top of possibly falling out of the tree. But just seeing the hat clinging to a branch was a perturbation for her.

So, she proceeded to climb, making sure to place her feet carefully. Halfway up the tree, she missed her footing, and she began to dangle over the flowers. When she felt the cloth of her shirt tearing, she started screaming, “Mama, please help me!”

In the kitchen, her mother, Jane, thought that she heard her name called, and when she looked out the window and saw her daughter about to fall to the ground, she bolted for the door. Reaching up, she grabbed Angela and pulled her to safety.

“What were you thinking, Angela?” her mother asked. Angela, with tears in her eyes, told her mother that her favorite hat was in the tree. Her mother said, “No hat is worth your life! I will have your father go up the ladder for it when he comes home! ” Feeling defeated, Angela followed her mother into the house.

Fictional story written for Wordle 122 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Twelve words to use: please, cloth, branch, perturbation, dangle, folly, attractancy, bolt, treasure, proceed, courtyard, place.

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