Listen to the Birds Sing! First Line Friday

This day was summer when the sun shone, and biting winter when clouds overtook the sky, a tumultuous mix of seasons in the span of an afternoon. I didn’t know whether to build a fire or turn up the air conditioner.

Either way, it was a day when Joshua and I were both off from work, so we decided not to waste it. Putting on layers, we got in the car and drove to our favorite walking path. We had debated going to the gym to walk on the treadmills, so no matter what the weather did, we were safe inside. But I wanted to be in nature, free from walls.

As we walked the first half of a mile, we were silent, as only a couple who have walked many miles together can be, not needing to speak every moment together like when we were young lovers. The birds have started arriving from their winter getaways, and the chorus of their singing pierced my heart and brought me peace. That you cannot receive in a gym.

Then, as we listened to the different sweet songs of the birds, we commented on how great our God is that he gave each bird a different tune, so that they can attract lovers, many of them life-long like the swans. Some of the notes are so high-pitched that we laughed, enjoying the music of nature.

I wondered if the birds can hear the music of our hearts beating together in a rhythm as old as time. Our laughter must silence the birds, as much as their songs silence us. Surely, our looks of love and joy in each other’s presence must fascinate the birds, maybe setting an example. In any case, I prefer to be outside with my feathered friends, sharing the glorious earth.

We become one with them and the other wild animals and other humans in a tapestry of respect and awe. I sometimes think that the birds are so thankful for the provision and protection that God gives to them that just maybe they are praising Him. So, I praise Him, too, in humble adoration and gratitude for the chorus of the birds, the sweet music of nature.

Fictional story written for First Line Friday from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Use the first line provided and write a story or poem or whatever you feel. Fandango prompt is Case.

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