Let’s Move! Three Things Challenge #PL22

We watched as Karla, our nanny who charges fees as though we are part of the nobility, came running toward the chalet in British Columbia that we were renting for our vacation. The fire inside was so cozy that no one, not even my husband and me, wanted to move to see what was the problem, especially as the temperature outside was well below the freezing mark.

But, as she came through the door, she reported, “Avalanche warning! Get a move on, people! Don’t just sit there like zombies!” She didn’t have to tell us twice.

Fictional story written for Three Things Challenge from Paula Light of light Motifs II: report, nanny, zombies. Fandango prompt is Watch. Ragtag prompt is Avalanche, Temperature. Word of the Day is Fire. Your Daily Prompt is Nobility.

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