The Unwanted Guest: Three Things Challenge #PL25

Carol looked forward to having her son, Todd, visiting from his new home in Australia. It had been too long since she had seen him. She had great plans for the two of them, including cooking classes at the local mall and tickets to see a jazz legend at the university. To share your interests with a beloved child was great, especially as a parent never knows if children will embrace what they like to do when they become adults as well.

She knew that he was dealing with a recent breakup from Caitlyn, the woman he had planned to marry, and the one Carol prayed he wouldn’t marry. The girl acted all regal every time she was in Carol’s presence, as though Carol and Todd were her loyal subjects.

“Get me a glass of water.” “When will breakfast be ready?” “Make me a sandwich, Todd!” “Is your Mom going with us again?” Carol believed that a cloud of anxiety and meanness followed in Caitlyn’s wake, so she was glad not to have to compete with her for Todd’s time.

She would not boast in having been correct that the woman was not right for him. Carol knew that she would break Todd’s heart, but he had to find out for himself. Now that he had, her job was to engage him in fun exploits that helped take his mind off that floozy.

Carol sprayed the roses as she watched the cab pull up next to the gate. Her heart fluttered with joy when Todd stepped out. But, as he turned and put his hand out to help someone else out of the cab, she dropped the watering can. There beside him was Caitlyn!

Carol saw all of her wonderful plans flying out the windows, along with time alone with Todd. As they walked up the stairs to the porch, Carol gave Todd a big hug! Looking at Caitlyn, she smiled wickedly and said, “Well, look what the cat dragged in!” Thankfully, Caitlyn did not understand the old saying, but Todd looked at his mother and said, “Be nice, Mother! That’s my wife you’re talking to!”

Fictional story written for the Three Things Challenge #PL25 from Paula Light of Light Motifs II: sandwich, cloud, legend. Fandango prompt is Regal. Ragtag prompt is Spray. Also, written for the Story Starter #9 from the incomparable The Haunted Wordsmith: Look what the cat dragged in.

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