Ode to Interracial Couples: Weekly Writing Prompt

There is no real dichotomy between you and me,

For we both have eyes, ears, noses, and feet.

Thank God that hearts don’t notice color or race,

But only seek another heart with the same beats.

Delirious were we when love finally found us,

It reminded us of our value and worth.

We had both suffered so very much,

Looking for love on this planet called Earth.

We became impervious to the looks of disapproval

From people who thought that we were odd.

We learned to concentrate on each other and

Love wholeheartedly, like two peas in a pod.

Written for the Weekly Writing Prompt from Sammi Cox at Sammiscribbles: Impervious in exactly 99 words. The picture above is Douglas and I and his children on our wedding day. Fandango prompt is Delirious.

7 thoughts on “Ode to Interracial Couples: Weekly Writing Prompt

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    1. Thank you. My oldest son was at first appalled that I would marry a white man. I told him that I had waited all my adult life to be loved in a caring way, and I wasn’t going to let the color of his skin keep me from enjoying a life I had dreamed of having. Today, he respects him for how well he takes care of me.

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