The Frustrated Woodworker

“Do they have a phone?” The carpenter asked the neighbor. He was so frustrated! After driving over 100 miles from Fort Myers to Jupiter, he expected for someone to be at home. It had taken him ten months to build the credenza that the woman had ordered.

The neighbor didn’t know the family. He wasn’t going to make a second trip. She would have to travel to his workshop and transport the item herself. As he was driving away, he heard someone blowing their horn frantically. He stopped his truck.

As he got out, he heard her. “I’m here,” she screamed. Sue was so glad that she had not missed him, as she had no idea how she would have gotten the credenza if he had already left. S

She explained that her mother had fainted in her home, and she had been at the hospital with her, forgetting until just minutes ago that he was due to arrive. He smiled and said all was well. The credenza was a lovely addition to her great room.

Fictional story written for the Story Starter Challenge #22 from The Haunted Wordsmith: Do they have a phone? For the Three Things Challenge # 38 from Paula Light of Light Motifs II: carpenter, mile, Jupiter.

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