The Reluctant Dancer: Wordle #126

Charlotte’s mother, Gwennie, wanted her daughter to be a ballet dancer, a dream of hers not realized because of her height. Charlotte felt weird among her fellow dancers, as she believed that a career in dancing was a useless pursuit.

But she loved her mother and trusted her to know what was best, so she was willing to try to become a great ballerina. Because she needed to remain a certain weight, she had to give up eating the wonderful sourdough bread that she loved, crust and all. These limits made her almost quit.

As the adult, her mother had the upper hand in decision-making. Yet, her own dream of becoming a heart surgeon bedeviled her constantly. Her father advised her to be like an eagle and follow where her heart led her. Charlotte also was unaware that her mother was making “donations” of money to the ballet company, trying to cozen them into giving Charlotte a place in the dance company.

Charlotte stayed out of the house, to distance herself from the clatter of her parents’ arguments on the subject of her future. She decided to appear in the coming divertissement that would determine if she were even skilled enough to be a ballerina.

On the day of the short performance, Charlotte gave it her all, as she did everything in her life. But, alas, she just did not have the technical skills to succeed. Despite the attempted bribery, her mother’s dream ended once again. Charlotte went on to become a world-renowned heart surgeon, the plan that God had for her life, all along.

Fictional story written for Wordle #126 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, March 25, 2019. The twelve words to use in a story were useless, weird, distance, crust, willing, upper hand, bedevil, cozen, divertissement, quit, clatter, and height. Also written for The Three Things Challenge #39 from Paula Light of Light Motifs II: limits, eagle, and donation.

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  1. Very good story…it’s tragic when children feel honor-bound to follow their parents’ dreams, rather than their own–what God has put in their hearts.

    Side note: I was certain that I was already following you…and wondered why I wasn’t getting your recent posts in Reader…so I checked, and for whatever reason, it didn’t show that I was following–So I’ve remedied it today, FOLLOWED ❤ Blessings to you!

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