Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Roads

This road was a long walk at an olive oil factory in Portugal. But tasting five different kinds of olive oil and learning all about making olive oil made it worth it.

A Long Walk!

Another road that was intriguing was in El Campella, Spain, as we had to cross the road to get to the Roman ruins. The ruins are so extensive that you got a good feel for the way people lived in much earlier times. But you had to look out for topless sunbathers near the sea!

Walk Fast!

In Faro, Portugal, the streets were so narrow that there was no way I would have even tried to drive on them. You had to flatten yourself against the wall or hope the driver was patient when a car approached, and the streets weren’t the paved, smooth roads I adore.

I Hope No Cars Come Through Just Now!

The curving roads of Spain were beautiful, with some houses near the street, but mostly the people live in high-rises. Only the wealthy can afford the single-family homes, it seems.

Windy Roads, Lovely Houses.

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