Under a Canopy of Trees: 100 Word Wednesday #114

Sally was walking through the park with Daniel, feeling safe and secure out in the open spaces of the park. But as they approached the darkness of the canopy of trees above them, she hesitated, and Daniel gave her a confused look.

He asked, “What’s wrong? You are perfectly safe with me.” But, still she stood paralyzed. When he saw the tears, he understood that someone had violated her trust once in a similar place. As much as he loved walking under the canopy of trees, her feelings of safety were more important. They turned around and retraced their steps.

Fictional story written for 100 Word Wednesday from Bikurgurl. Image by Bikurgurl.



2 thoughts on “Under a Canopy of Trees: 100 Word Wednesday #114

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  1. I love the different perspectives we see on the same image — where many of us see the open road, you were able to tell the very real perspective of someone’s pain being recognized and acknowledged in deeds. So glad to have you joining us this week 🙂


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