Who Wants My Thingamajigs?

Elise has been packing up her house, getting ready for the big move to Atlanta. She doesn’t want to take anything that has not been used in the last five years. These include items received from well-meaning relatives and friends, many of which are mysteries regarding what they are supposed to do.The problem was how to get rid of them.

Being the weasel that she is, Elise decided that she would take them to her hair salon on the next Saturday. Some of her customers will take anything, if it is offered to them for free.

On Saturday, she tried everything she knew to get rid of what she thought of as “white elephants.” But, when she offered the thingamajigs to her customers, they kept asking her, “What are they for?” When she could not answer, the customers passed on accepting them, having their own junk at home.

With the failure to offload the unknown objects to her customers, Elise did what she considered the next best thing: She took them to Goodwill and donated them. This way, she got rid of them and received the glowing feeling that she had done some good in the world.

Fictional story written for the Three Things Challenge #42 from Paul Light at Light Motifs II: mystery, salon, elephant. Ragtag prompt is Weasel. Also, for Story Starter Challenge #26 from The Haunted Wordsmith: “What are they for?”

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