When the Boogie Man is Real: Sunday Writing Prompt

I once thought the boogie man was a figment of Mama’s imagination.

I was scared of every sound at night, huddled in my bed sheets until

Morning came with the light that saved me and made me feel safe.

But, one day I found out that the boogie man was all too real.

Mama had said that if he found me awake, he would take me away,

Keeping me from family and friends, maybe even stealing my soul.

She was so right, for when I searched so desperately for love,

I met someone who needed to have power over me and control.

He separated me from all who could help me, leaving me alone

To try to understand if beatings and put downs were really love.

He tried to steal my soul, but somehow I knew I was valuable

To the God who created and loved me, watching me from above.

Then, one day, I found the courage to say no to his awful orders,

Realizing that the boogie man seeks only to destroy and devour.

I spent seven days in the hospital, but I was no longer afraid,

For my faith in God allowed me that day to take back my power.

Yes, remember that the boogie man really can exist, bad to the bone.

He uses our fears and insecurities to steal our joy and our self-esteem.

So, we have to see that we are amazing all by ourselves, unique even,

Then we can be all that we were meant to be and succeed in our dreams.

Written for the Sunday Writing Prompt from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: the boogie man.

4 thoughts on “When the Boogie Man is Real: Sunday Writing Prompt

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  1. You did a fabulous job with this post, though my heart breaks that you too were married to a bad to the bone boogie man. I was not beaten, but spent time in the hospital’s psych unit for damage which hides within.


  2. I was brought up with the same story but thankfully nothing so bad happened to me. I thought this was a great take on this prompt Regina, so well done to you.


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