Learning from a Turtle in My Path: NaPoWriMo2019 #23

This is my first first poem in this challenge, so I hope it is alright to post it. Today’s prompt was to write a poem about an animal.

What a beauty to behold!

Walking through the forest, trying to rush my husband along,

I looked down and saw a turtle slowly making its way.

It seemed to be enjoying each step of the journey.

And as I watched its pace, I learned something today.

I need to slow my roll and notice each rock and each stone,

To marvel at everything and everyone that I am blessed to meet.

Instead of trying to fit three days into one, never missing anything,

Maybe I need to stop, look, appreciate, and just take a seat.

I started to ask my husband to pick the turtle up and move him,

Trying to help him arrive at his destination with greater haste.

But, thankfully, I did not interfere with its natural rhythm,

Deciding to simply marvel at its majesty, before it’s too late.

The earth is the Lord’s, and He gave humans dominion over it,

But, in our arrogance and indifference, we have failed His trust.

As I walked away from the turtle, stunned by the beauty of its life,

I was reminded that the animals have so much to teach us.

But, I, thankfully, realized that

2 thoughts on “Learning from a Turtle in My Path: NaPoWriMo2019 #23

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  1. WOW, this is full and rich with wisdom. I caught myself realizing that I, too, try to fit too many days into less than 24 hours…no wonder I’m weary and get slightly depressed! And I loved the part about wanting to move the turtle, thinking we’re being “helpful”–we sure do that a lot, don’t we…when we should ask God first, because maybe He doesn’t need our help in someone else’ life. Excellent! Hope you’re having a good day, Regina ❤

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