The Super Powers Humans Take For Granted: 100 Word Wednesday #118

As the three superheroes stood on the shelf, each contemplated which super power that humans have they wish they could acquire.

The first one said, “I would like to be capable of building people up, encouraging them, rather than always being the one destroying things.”

The second stated, “To me, being able to love people, regardless of the categories, is the greatest of their super powers.”

The third one responded, “The super power I would like to have is the ability to forgive.”

Shaking their heads, they agreed, “What a shame those powers so often go to waste.”

Written for the 100 Word Wednesday #118 for April 24, 2018 from Bikurgurl. The photo is from Bikurgurl.

3 thoughts on “The Super Powers Humans Take For Granted: 100 Word Wednesday #118

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  1. I love your story; it’s so true! It can seem like superpowers to have the ability to encourage, love, and forgive…but we all have those superpowers within our reach to obtain 🖤 Thank you for joining us again for 100 Word Wednesday 🖤

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