Not Returning to Egypt: 50 Word Thursday #18

Caroline looked at William, her intended, with his head down on the table in a drunken stupor, still holding on to his first “love,” a bottle of booze. She loved him, but she had witnessed this scene too many times to return to that darkness. She wouldn’t return to Egypt.

She was reminded of her father, a mean drunk. When he was sober, Daddy was the sweetest man, willing to help friend and foe. But, with the first drink of bourbon, the metamorphosis would begin, and the seam of pure evil and brutality in him would emerge.

The whole house had been enslaved to Daddy’s drinking, unable to escape from it. She left as soon as age allowed, and she never allowed a taste of any kind of alcohol to pass her lips. She had broke free, and she was determined to remain free, to have the finest life possible.

She looked at the man she had planned to marry, and she knew that the dream would not include him. She wouldn’t “patiently endure” as Mama had, waiting for her prayers for sobriety to be answered. She could not inflict that pain on another generation. She walked away in tears.

Semi-autobiographical story written for 50 Word Thursday #18 from The Haunted Wordsmith. A story in 50-word paragraphs, up to 250 words. Also Fandango prompt is Finest. Word of the Day is Seam.

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