Rituals Stifle Much-Needed Change: Tale Weaver #221

Mary sat still, watching as people discussed the upcoming church fete. She wanted to suggest a new way of celebrating the church anniversary, but as one of the newest members of the church, she was scared to say anything that might offend the elders.

She had noticed that any time one of the young people made a suggestion for changing an aspect of worship, like the music, a standard answer was given, “That’s the way we have always done it.” Mary believed that phrase was one of the most destructive of phrases in the English language to the changes needed for churches to attract young people.

As the meeting progressed, plans were made for the same old things, the so-called rituals of the church. She knew that if she spoke up and reminded people that the Church was about relationships, not rituals, she would be ridiculed and maybe scorned.

When the meeting ended, she listened as other young people her age talked of never returning because their views were not heard or honored. As she walked home, she wept for her church, knowing that it could not continue without compromise, but rituals tend to stifle the willingness to compromise.

Written for Tale Weaver #221: Ritual.

3 thoughts on “Rituals Stifle Much-Needed Change: Tale Weaver #221

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  1. What gets me so crazy is that certain things really are unchangeable and we can’t forget about them either. Demanding change for the sake of attracting young people puts the interests of a prospective group of mere people before doing what God wants(Hey your post is set in a church.)

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    1. I agree with your points, and you are right. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Here, I wanted to examine what I have heard from younger people, mainly a need to integrate music and activities for everyone there. Our church is in danger of dying out, as we only have four young people under age 20, and two of them are the pastor’s children, and two are graduating from high school. Other young people say that do not feel welcome. But, yes, we must hold on to the rituals that remind us of the sacrifices and courage of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Thanks for the comment. I needed to read those words.

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  2. “That’s the way we have always done it.” can absolutely stifle innovation. “New and improved” can destroy also. What is hoped for is moderation, as extremes are not workable long term.

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