The Expected Unexpectedness of Traveling

You know when you travel that not everything is going to go smooth, and it is no less true this trip. We expected me to have health problems, but it is Douglas who has come down with a cold. I think he may have been already incubating the illness, because he got sick yesterday.

Neither of us got sleep because he has a cough and sneezing. He found a pharmacy today, and received some botanical aspirin and herbal cough medicine. He is sleeping now, but we went out to the very empty beaches today for a long walk. We are praying for a change in his health before our cooking class on Friday. But, while he is not his usual rambunctious self, he still posed for pictures for me.

It seems we are here early for beach goers, as the beaches are completely empty. There is a sense of freedom and owning the world, when having a beach all to yourselves! Not having to step over people or worry about offending anyone is great! Now, if the sun would come out to play!

They are preparing for the crowds.

The weather is not what I expected but it could be worse. It is raining and cold. It is supposed to rain until Thursday! I need more layers, but will do with what I have. Yet, the beauty of the sea with clouds of gray is stunning, to me. The light is so different from at home, so I loved our cold walk. I feel lucky, or more to the point, blessed by our loving God to be here! You can see why!

Out of their bellies shall run rivers of living water.
God’s grace to us!
Raw, natural beauty.
The Adriatic Sea at Montesilvano, Italy.

Douglas loves walking on breakwaters, and they are different here. These are not as built up as the ones we saw and walked on in Spain and Portugal. Also, you can see where the waves are over part of the breakwater, and that isn’t so cool!

Breakwaters are built lower than in Spain or Portugal.
Walking on the breakwater in Pescara, near Montesilvano.

In the meanwhile, I will layer as best I can, enjoying the experience of being in this lush and verdant land. From all the preparation and the many boats being readied for the crowds, I think we are here at just the right time. Hopefully, we will get to play in the sea, riding the waves on boats, and even appreciating sharing with other travelers. They actually smile back here! Yahoo! Woohoo! Thank you, Lord, for people who acknowledge our existence.

Let’s get in the water!

This sign caught both of our attention, advertising black and white hair care being performed in the same place. Also, it points out that this is a free beach, and free is my husband’s favorite word when traveling.

Arrivederci, everyone!

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