Making the Best of Our Trip to Italy

Hindsight is not helpful in changing past decisions, but it will save you some heartache in the future. Not to be disingenuous, I should have either waited until we returned to have the defibrillator surgery or postponed the trip until I had healed sufficiently to enjoy all that Italy has to offer. Yet, I am reasonably pleased. Tomorrow, we drive to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.

While I rest a lot, Douglas is having a grand old time, walking and hiking all over the place. He spent a day hiking in a gorge about an hour’s drive away. I let him have what we call “Dougie Days,” where he goes off to do things I don’t have the courage to do or is too smart to do. I don’t want the defibrillator going off in Italy! These pictures give you an idea of how dangerous the hike was.

Near the top of the falls.
Coming down to where the car is parked.
Dangerous crossings. He helped several women from another party across.

The ten-year-old boy inside of him had a great time, and I was not there to inhibit his fun. He did remember my love of flowers, and he took pictures for me.

But, I am seeing some amazing things. One of the patterns of traveling for me is to find the nearest marina and gawk at the boats. I love boats, but not so much sailing. I am uncomfortable on more water than I can bathe in. Yet, few objects capture my imagination with fervency and bring me joy than boats, big and small.

The marina at Pescara is the largest in this region of Italy. It is obvious that sailing is a favorite pastime here. But, since it is early in the season, we didn’t see many boats actually on the water, just those hanging around the marina.

Big and small boats, side by side.

The Pescara Marina was beautiful to see, with blues so deep and pictures of sea creatures every where. I was enthralled by the art. Art, boats, blue waters, blustery winds, no fog, and Douglas by my side is a recipe for fun. After all, the sea has been the salvation of Italians for more than three millennia!

Fandango prompt is Disingenuous. Ragtag prompt is Blustery. Word of the Day is Fog. Your Daily Prompt is Fervent.

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  1. Douglas’ photos are stunning. Regina, since we cannot change the past, but we can embrace today. Recovering from surgery in Italy, has its perks. You get to recover enjoying new refreshing sights. 🙂

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