One of the Strong Women: A Reflection

I stood at the water’s edge, looking at my reflection.

I marveled at that face, for I felt no connection

To the woman who looked so very strong to me.

I didn’t recognize her as someone I knew personally.

And I wondered if sometimes in our daily life

If the stressors, sufferings, and the pain of strife

Cause us to lose sight of who we are inside.

They make it hard for us to truly recognize

Our goodness, our strength, and our tenacity,

That we are indeed the women with the audacity

To stand and be heard on behalf of the others

Whose voices are silenced and too often smothered.

As I looked at my face and saw my strength,

I knew that I couldn’t continue to stand at arm’s length

Watching and staying silent while others are hurt,

I must be about my Father’s business and work.

I must make sure no one falls through the cracks,

Helping to stop domestic violence in its tracks.

Written for a Tale Weaver # 225 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Reflection.

One thought on “One of the Strong Women: A Reflection

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  1. Hello Regina, I read your post a few times taking in the inner strength I felt within your words. Domestic violence is a very real scourge on society and your resolve to do what you can to stop it is so very commendable. Thanks for sharing your thoughts this week.

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