Fly Away and Be at Peace: Flash Fiction Challenge # 16

Cate laid on the bed, dreaming of a place far away where she could find peace. Living and working in a big city take its toll on the heart, soul, and mind, with the constant noise and violence of disagreements. People seemed to find in the anonymity of large cities the one person who knows what buttons to push to send them over the edge of sanity.

Take for example her friend, Maya. A wonderful, smart, courageous woman, who is probably the kindest woman Cate knows. When she was looking for an apartment that she could afford, Maya offered her a place to live.

She had been here for three weeks, and Maya and her boyfriend were constantly at each other’s throats, but neither would make the move to change the situation. As she contemplated speaking to Maya, Cate felt as though she were being lifted into the air.

She was riding on the back of a flying goose, scouring the earth beneath her for a place to stop and feed her stressed heart and mind. They came upon a mountaintop that seemed perfect, but the crevices cracked further, with every loud thud of the goose’s wings.

Finally, she looked down and saw a deserted beach next to the ocean, and knew that she had found her soul’s home. She guided the goose downward, jumping into the water and swimming to her quiet place. Oh, what peace and beauty! Nothing beats the sound of an ocean to quiet our minds and hearts.

Whenever she feels stressed beyond her mental limits, she thinks, “Oh, that I had wings like a dove; then I would fly away and rest!” And immediately, she visualizes riding the goose to this wondrous place, soothing her mind, soul, and heart.

A place of peace for the mind, heart, and soul! Beside the Adriatic Sea in Montesilvano, Italy.

Written for the Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge #16. Also, written for the June Writing Prompts from Putting My Feet in the Dirt: the crevices cracked further, with every loud thud.

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