The Necessity of Being Outdoors: Photo Challenge #268

Sitting down, with the grass as my cushion,

Enjoying the beauty of the many flowers.

Winter’s gone, and summer has found its way,

And I am gladdened because of summer’s power.

Summer pulls us out of our self-hibernation,

Drawing us with its richness of smells.

Barbecue and honeysuckle and just-cut grass

Tend to cast among us wonderful collective spells.

Our souls experience a kind of spring cleaning,

As we greet others with smiles on our faces.

Picnics and children swinging at the parks,

Bring us together in lovely earthly spaces.

Oh, summer, we longed to see you all winter,

Afraid you might not come and rescue us.

But, today, here you are in all of your glory,

Calling to us, “Get outside, you really must!”

Written for Photo Challenge #268 from MIndlovemisery’s Menagerie.

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