The Hardships of Selling a House

Douglas and I have cleaned, decluttered, and made the house as palatable as possible. The place is cleaner than it has been in four years. The problem is trying to live in it while keeping it presentable. An additional problem is that I’m in the time of life when my memory isn’t as good as before, so when we need an object, I don’t remember where I placed it.

For example. I have no idea where to start looking for the tablet with the passwords for paying bills. Having went through all of the boxes that I thought might have them, it has become a hopeless task. I am convinced that the day after we move to a new home, with all new passwords, I will find it packed with the sheets and towels.

But, as a retiree, someone who hugs my home like a second skin, it is having to leave and find places to go and activities to do while strangers go through my home that has become so disturbing and uncomfortable. Then, wondering if I remembered to wipe down the toilets or left dishes in the sink drives me nuts until I am able to come back inside.

Last evening, I went to my favorite deli for a sandwich and lemonade mixed with unsweetened tea. I read from my Kindle, attempting to stay focused on the words before my eyes, while hoping that the person looking at my house would, please, buy it already! Then, as it is late June in the South, a severe thunderstorm warning alert sounded on the phone, and I hightailed it home, driving to outrun the curtain of rain, as I have a hard time seeing the white lines when the rain is so heavy.

The people were still in the house, so I parked next door. As the thunder boomed and lightning lit up the sky in such majesty, I hoped that the people had seen enough. As soon as I saw their car turn the corner, I opened the garage and drove into driveway. As the garage is filled with all the detritus of our lives, I had to step out into the storm. I miss just driving into the garage, safe and sound.

But, no change in life comes without frustrations and anxieties. We spent two days on the other side of the continuum, as buyers. Looking at homes and deciding where to live and what you just got to have in a home and what you can do without is exhausting, especially in our sixties. We both were so tired by the end of both days. The guy who helped us was patient and kind. I felt a kinship with the sellers, particularly of the houses we didn’t want to see.

So, as this adventure continues, I know in my spirit that all things will work together for our good, but my head is slower in believing it. Yet, I know from experience that everything will work out as God has planned it. Thankfully, we can wait, as there is no deadlines for us to move. That thought brings me peace enough to endure.

And, in the midst of this buying and selling craziness, we learned the Douglas has been nominated and accepted for ordination into preaching. On July 19, he will be ordained at our church, and we will both be ordained Baptist ministers. I am so excited for him, as we both seek ways to “be about our Father’s business.”

So, life goes on, even in the middle of major changes. My prayer is that whomever buys this house will have years of laughter, love, and joy in it, as Douglas and I have for the last four years. I also pray that our Father in Heaven will guide us to choose the right home for us, a place where children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will congregate, passing down orally and, through the wonder of digital cameras, all of the stories that help us remember the past and appreciate the present times. It is worth all of the sufferings that come with moving to new horizons.

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  1. I have to move too, but I’m trapped in an area I can’t afford since I’m too old to get another job anywhere else. Now I’ll just have to rent a room. It really does suck. Soon there will be no more middle class imo, just a few super wealthy and zillions of poor, like in ye days of olde. 🙁

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