A Rough Last Few Days, But Still Writing!

Last week was one of the most difficult of my life. I was glad to see Monday come, and that is an anomaly! It started with the death of my best friend on Wednesday, then on Thursday, I happened to check my bank statement, and I saw a discrepancy. Someone had stolen checks that I had sent to my stepchildren from the dropbox in front of the post office. They had altered one of the checks and made it for twice the amount.

At first, I thought that I had wrote it incorrectly, but on checking the duplicate, I had written the correct amount. I immediately called the bank, as the thief had taken $2000 from me! Thank God for the web, and that the bank employee could see that the check had been tampered with.

I called just in time for the bank to force the return of the sum! The person had placed it in a bank account, and oh, how I wish I could be there when the police show up to question them. Always check your bank account, daily even!

The money was returned before the end of the business on Friday, but because the thief had my routing number and account number, I had to close that account and start over with everything new. I spent all of Monday calling to change the bank information on insurances and utilities, as I have auto-pay for nearly everything. It has been such an inconvenience, but I am just overjoyed that all worked out in my favor!

I don’t understand the lack of compassion and empathy that allows people to hurt others in such a horrible way. I always believed in working for what I had, and I taught that to my children.

But, I realize that evil has existed forever, for in Genesis 2, God warned Adam and Eve not to partake of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, or they would die. What I find so enigmatic is that people smart enough to steal ids and trick people out of their money could use their intelligence for good, but choose the easy way.

Then, I spent all day Saturday writing a tribute to my best friend, as her sister had asked me to speak for the family at her funeral. I wasn’t sure that I could speak at such a vulnerable time, but then I remembered that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

When Douglas and I arrived in my hometown, I was shocked to discover that I was on the program twice, expected to give a prayer of comfort and words of comfort. I gave a simple prayer thanking Almighty God for the life, legacy, and light that was Tricia. I admired her tenacity, perseverance, and determination.

I took about 10 minutes to tell short stories of her life and of times when we got in trouble with her father, which brought laughter into the place, replacing solemnity with joyful praise. They do not bury on Sundays, so I missed her internment, as we had to come home for Douglas to go to work on Monday.

With last week behind me, I decided that it’s time to write again, to go back to what brings me joy and helps me feel useful and valuable. There are still boxes to unpack and rooms to decorate, car tags and new drivers licenses to obtain, but I have missed creating poems and prose that inspires, motivates, and encourages.

Life is a journey, and there are some roads we wish we didn’t have to travel. But I have found that at the end of those difficult paths are lessons that contribute to my overall well-being. So, I welcome detours. I am just excited to see everything I can before my time is up on this planet. So, I am already thinking of our next trip: a river cruise down the Danube. Maybe next spring! I will keep you posted.

Fandango prompt is Tenacity. Ragtag prompt is Web. Word of the Day is Welcome.

3 thoughts on “A Rough Last Few Days, But Still Writing!

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  1. Regina, may the God of all comfort you as during this season. So good that you were able to remember and share some of your humorous memories with your best friend. I am sure they had a welcome home celebration for her in Heaven. Hugs and prayers.


  2. So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, Regina. And to have it followed up by the theft. Amazing that he was dumb enough to deposit it into his account! Clever you to catch it so quickly.


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