An Airbnb Museum: Weekend Writing Prompt

Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Kahlo, and O’Keeffe,

Like a candy store filled with sweets, where do I start?

Oh, if only they would allow me to rent an Airbnb

In some of the wondrous museums filled with fervid art!

I would linger for hours and days in front of masterpieces,

Trying to understand all that they have to say.

I would thank our God for gifting us with talented ones,

Who through their art teach us much about our ways.

Colors galore, covering canvases, giant and small,

Capturing nature in people, rivers, flowers, and starry nights.

I would stay within these spaces of great beauty,

Giving my hungry and thirsty soul much delights.

From Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Britain, and the USA,

I have visited major museums all around the world.

And they have never failed to be awe-inspiring,

As the artists’ renditions of life and death unfurled.

Written for the Weekend Writing Prompt from Sammiscribbles: a poem or prose of exactly 147 words on Museums. Your Daily Prompt is Giant. Ragtag prompt is Fervid. Pictured is the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, a favorite of mine.













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