Love Immortalized in an Old Train Tunnel

The idea that we will be forgotten when we die haunts everyone at some time or another. And just possibly one other aspect of life haunts us: never being the object of someone’s undying love. Yesterday, as we walked on a section of the Silver Comet Trail near Rockmart, Georgia, I found evidence of love immortalized that touched my heart and my imagination.

After about two miles walking uphill all the way, I felt like quitting, but a signpost that showed a tunnel to view in just over half a mile intrigued me, so we kept walking. I love old tunnels, with great acoustics for shouting.

When we found the tunnel, I was in absolute awe of the height and length of it, as you can see below. It had been a train tunnel; in fact, the trail was once train tracks repurposed for walking pleasure. Another indication of its former use is the recesses for people caught on the tracks to stand in as the train passed by.

Stand here if scared!

But the really wonderful objects in the tunnel were the messages of love, similar to the featured image. It reads, “Allison, you will always be the queen of my heart!” What a great sentiment!

I wondered if the enamored lover wrote it on the tunnel wall and then brought sweet Allison to see it, sealing her love for him forever as well. Or maybe they were together, and just happened to possess a can of spray paint for a little graffiti writing, immortalizing their love. Another example of love for Allison is posted below, in rhyme, no less, with a big red heart!

It reads: “‘Allison G. (or C.), You are my wife, You are my friend. I will always love you, Until the end.” I can’t make out his name. If someone can, please let me know.

But Allison and her love is just the tip of the iceberg. This old train tunnel was filled with love notes and sage advice. I was fascinated with people’s beliefs that the love of the moment would last forever. I surely hoped that each couple fulfilled the sentiments expressed and stayed in love until the very end. The one I really liked is the first one below.

Swampmonkey and Tinkerbell! You have to find something really great to love in someone named Swampmonkey!

Anwar and Blanche!

The professed love between Anwar and Blanche sent my imagination into high drive, and I immediately thought of Anawar Sadat and Blanche Devereaux in “Cat on a Hot Tin Sphinx!” Yeah, I can get silly at times!

Plumbob and Leandra. This is the South, folks, so the names will be somewhat weird, but very normal here.
Chuck S and Candie! I.W.L.Y. F.

The one above was somewhat esoteric, as I wasn’t sure if Chuck S. loved Candie or Hamburger, or if he was nicknamed Hamburger Man. But, hey, I understand the pull of a good hamburger!

The sage advice amidst the love proclamations will be in another post. This one is focused on declaring one’s love, practically a national pastime in America. But considering our divorce rates and the huge business in tattoo removal, I imagine that there are a few people who hope their new loves don’t walk through the old train tunnel on the Silver Comet Trail near Rockmart, Georgia.

I will admit that I believe in forever love, so I hope that each of these couples accomplished it. It took me a long time to find it for myself, and I thank God for the gifts of giving and receiving love at this time in my life. I used to worry that I would die and never know the sweetness of someone looking at me with goo-goo eyes and professing forever love. But, don’t expect to see our names on any public spaces!

Fandango prompt is Esoteric. Ragtag prompt is Amidst. Daily Addictions Prompt is National.

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