Learn to Appreciate Being Alone: Tale Weaver #244

With boldness, John split from the rest of the group, finally refusing be a party to their inability to accept different points of view. He wandered across the moor, enjoying a rare moment alone.

He had thought that there was nothing better than being constantly surrounded by people who believed the lessons he had been taught since childhood. It slowly dawned on him that ideological platitudes no longer suited how he wanted to live.

Maybe it was more chic to learn to appreciate being alone and developing your own ideas. Plus, he found that he liked forming his own ideas about the world, instead of relying on other people’s explanations. Pulling his hood up to ward off the cold, he kept walking.

Fictional story for Tale Weaver #244 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Write a story about a solitary figure, using the photo prompt. Fandango prompt is Suit. Ragtag prompt is Dawn. Word of the Day is Chic. Your Daily Prompt is Platitude. Daily Addictions prompt is Plus. Three Things Challenge is bold, split, party.

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