No One Could Replace You: Weekend Writing Prompt #127

Tuesday, you would have turned 70,

Celebrating a life filled to the brim.

You left us when you were 23,

God called you home with Him.

Forty-seven years later, and

I still miss you so much.

You were my older sister,

But, you had a mother’s touch.

I remember you bathed me at night,

And wrapped me in your love.

You gave me your last food ,

When I hadn’t gotten enough.

I adopted your four children,

Remembering what you would do.

They are wonderful adults,

But, no one could replace you.

Written for the Weekend Writing Prompt for Sammiscribbles. A poem or prose in exactly 89 words, using the prompt: Replace.


4 thoughts on “No One Could Replace You: Weekend Writing Prompt #127

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      1. I had a feeling.
        And yes, it is more than okay for all of you to remember her. What a beautiful story, though I am sad you lost your sister.
        I worked with a woman who’s sister was killed by her husband so she took in her nephews and adopted them.


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