Oh, All You Want is Just Friendship! Wordle #154

Kyle had simpered at Juliet more than once, which made her a little uncomfortable. She began to do her best to avoid him at work. She didn’t know what was the origin of his infatuation with her, for they had never spent many hours together.

But, she didn’t think that he was a crank, for they tended to think alike, their similar views on the human species shaped by their police training. She admired the fact that his thinking was not derivative of some long-forgotten philosopher. Indeed, maybe it would be fun to get to know him!

She believed in being forthright, speaking one’s intentions. So, she decided to accost him. Standing under the dappled trees of the park taking in the fragrant smell of the smoke from some cooking meat, she excitedly watched him approach her.

Juliet: “What’s up, Kyle?”

Kyle: “Juliet, I have a squish on you!

Juliet: “I don’t go in for no weird stuff, Kyle.”

Kyle: “No, a squish means that I hope that we can get to know each other better and be friends!”

Juliet: “Oh, so you just want friendship?”

Kyle: “Yes, what did you think I wanted? Oh…!

Fictional story written for Wordle #154 for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, October 14, 2019. The 12 prompt words are in bold print.

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