Go Big or Stay Home: Photo Challenge #285

Winsome, it wasn’t, by anyone’s definition. It seemed that Mama had used all of the leftovers she could find at home from decorations for birthdays and celebrations long past. So many balloons and quite a color palette!

But, I won’t criticize her, because it is a labor of love, justified by her desire to make my wedding day the best that she could. That is mother’s manner, as nothing is ever done half-way. Mama believes in “Go Big or Stay at Home!”

And, Ray and I could not afford roses, so we are stuck with having City Hall festooned with hundreds of balloons, ribbons, and garlands of every color. I find solace in the fact that when Ray first saw it, as walked up to the door of City Hall from a car covered with blue balloons, he laughed, took Mama in his arms, and thanked her for a job well done. I knew then that I had a keeper, and all of my butterflies disappeared.

Written for the Photo Challenge #285 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Also, the Three Things Challenge #32 for October 15, 2019 from Pensitivity 101: stick, rose, solace. Fandango prompt is Manner. Ragtag prompt is Winsome. Word of he day is Justify. Daily Addictions prompt is Home. Your Daily Prompt is Leftovers.

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      1. Thank you so much! I am so pleased for you as yours is way more intensive than mine. I’m feeling very positive and will be glad when my surgery is over so that I can get on with my life.


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