School Crushes Don’t Usually Last: Tale Weaver#246

My daughter, Jan, had a crush on little Bobby Bird, who lives down the street. They attend the same school. I caught her trying to write him a letter, and I realized the seriousness of her infatuation by the copious sheets of balled up paper in the wastebasket.

I said to her, “Jan, darling, you are getting too intense, Baby! I need you to dial it back a couple of notches, okay?” Of course, as a eleven-year-old, she looked at me as if I were from outer space.

She responded, rolling her eyes for added effect, “Mother, it’s important that I say the right things, as love, you known, lasts an eternity. My friend, Jessie, told me that if a boy kisses you, he will love you from now on. So, I have to say the correct words to get Bobby Bird to kiss me.”

I looked at my beautiful girl and my heart started to hurt, mainly because I knew that I couldn’t keep her heart from being broken. So, I shut her door, letting her finish her note, for I also understood that it’s through the pains of adolescence that we often learn lessons that will profit us in the future.

Fictional story written for Tale Weaver #246 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The prompt is Eternity. Fandango prompt is School. Word of the Day is Crush. Your Daily Prompt is Copious. Daily Addictions prompt is Kiss.

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