Ode to Beach Lovers Everywhere: Three Things Challenge #73

Oh, to walk along the ocean’s shore,

Feeling the warm sand between my toes!

Odd-shaped bodies, with little modesty,

Seem to sprout up wherever you go.

Humanity spreads over many miles,

Enjoying the sun on their bare skin.

Each one with personal stories to tell

Of the wondrous places they’ve been.

But pretty umbrellas separate us, and

Groups frolic with the people they know.

Yet, we are one in our love of the sea

And our joy in the tropical rainbow.

Although you don’t know my name,

And you probably won’t see me again,

I pray you’ll have more tan than burn,

More sun-kissed memories than pain!

Written for the Three Things Challenge from Pensitivity 101. The prompts today are enjoy, tell, odd. Daily Addictions prompt is Tropical.


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