Freedom Felt So Good: Weekend Writing Prompt #135

Held captive by people who wanted to use his boat to conceal drugs, Alan had to find a way to save himself. What had started as a simple cruise had turned into a nightmare!

Thieves had chosen to stage a coup for his boat. He’d resisted their attempts to climb aboard the boat from a yellow dinghy, and he had been stabbed in the arm! His blood was congealing on the desk.

Alan had escaped their grasp and barricaded the door to his stateroom. Without the key to the engine, the men couldn’t go anywhere. He hunkered down and waited the men out.

Finally, he heard them as they sailed away from his vessel. Imagine his excitement to look out the window and see the Coast Guard arriving, just like the cavalry of those old Westerns!

Fictional story written for the Weekend Writing Prompt from Sammiscribbles. The prompt is Barricade. Write a poem or prose of exactly 136 words. Also for the Three Things Challenge prompts of captive, congeal, and cruise.

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