A Moment of Kindness Goes a Long Way: Wordle #160

We all must deal with the vicissitudes of life,

As triumphs intermingle with our troubles.

Thinking that suffering will never touch us

Isn’t smart, as all men and women have foibles.

Everyone needs help at some time or another,

So, let us extend a benignity to those bereft

Of hope that they can retrieve their dignity,

When that is truly all that they have left.

A glass of water, a bite to eat, or just a hug,

Or even an ear that they may air their pains,

Will bring a beam of morning light to them,

Helping them to find some needed peace again.

Written for Wordle #160 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The twelve words are in bold print.

2 thoughts on “A Moment of Kindness Goes a Long Way: Wordle #160

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  1. Well done. I’ve always thought “vicissitudes” is a wonderful word–it sounds so much better than how they actually feel in life 🙂


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