The Good Life: Fandango Provocative Question #52

What does living “the good life” mean to you? Do you think that you’re living “the good life”?

What a great question for this time of the year! This is one of those “eye-of- the-beholder” kind of phenomena. Everyone will have a different definition according to what has occurred in their past, what is happening in their present, and how they perceive being prepared for the future.

For me, the “good life” means finding reasons for being grateful every day. According to that definition, yes, I am living the good life. I am loved by my family and friends. I have the opportunity to return to my passion in teaching, and I have been blessed with the ability to encourage and inspire others, making being a college professor the best occupation for me.

But, more importantly, I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for instilling in human beings the capacity to love and a desire to be loved. Having a wonderful husband who loves me and sees my value and worth in the winter of my life is such a gift, one that I thank God for each day.

As my mortality becomes more real to me, having a helpmate to hold hands with and to help each other through sicknesses and disappointments and triumphs is a wondrously beautiful experience, for which I am extremely grateful.

And as I face surgery today, I am thankful to God for this marvelous and wonderful creation called the body that has the capacity to heal. I am grateful to have the monies for co-pays and deductibles that allow me to have this old bucket of bolts repaired once again.

Lastly, I am grateful just to be breathing at age 68. I am thankful for all the provisions in our home, meaning our food, clothes, cars, books, and, yes, that wondrous creation from the 1950’s, the television, that makes it possible for me to look at Young Sheldon and Hallmark movies (smile)! We are more blessed than we know!Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all!

Yes, this is the good life!

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  1. Absolutely! People sometimes forget to be thankful for the things we take for granted. Right now I am able to communicate with people miles away on this platform instantly. That is truly a blessing. Being thankful is not reserved for the big things. but also the small things that make them all possible.


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