Living in a Democracy Means the World to Me

We are so painfully divided as a nation.

I just want to hang my head and cry.

Somehow we must find common ground,

So with other Americans we willingly identify.

Nothing should separate us from each other,

Not race, ethnicity, or political ideology.

There must be ways to disagree peacefully,

Without hating those who share our geography.

I fear for our democracy, as our disputes

Are televised to all the world, it seems.

Maybe those of us in the middle ground,

Can save our country from both extremes.

It seems like there’s a rope around us

That threatens to pull this nation apart.

I hope I am wrong about our democracy,

For I sure do love it with all of my heart.

Fandango prompt is Ethnicity. Ragtag Prompt is Nation. Daily Addictions prompt is Rope. Word of the Day Challenge is Identify.

4 thoughts on “Living in a Democracy Means the World to Me

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  1. I am not going to get political, as one of the previous commentators did. This has been on my heart also, and the blame is on all sides. We are human beings, all sizes and colors. We all love our country, but world views are different, and our thinking processes are different. I hope all people realize how blessed we are that we can have different ideas and beliefs, and live harmoniously together. I have been thinking of writing about this also. Thanks for reminding me to be thoughtful about this. ❤️

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