Pulling Down the Walls of Our Temples Would Help: Tale Weaver #259

We cloth our religion in temples

With walls that keep us away

From ones we think of as sinners

Who don’t deserve our time of day.

But what if we pulled down walls,

Worshiping God in the open air.

Then we could love on everyone,

And we’d find God with us there.

God calls on His people to reach out.

Let’s try something radically new,

For the harvest is still so plentiful,

And the workers are still very few.

Written for Tale Weaver #259. The prompt was to consider the word Temple and write a response. I have thought of the need to stop preaching to the choir and really connect with all people, not just hang with other Christians. I have sat there in church and wondered what it would be like if church didn’t happen within four walls, all safe and homogeneous. That is my hope.

5 thoughts on “Pulling Down the Walls of Our Temples Would Help: Tale Weaver #259

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  1. Excellent response Regina, I love that notion of reaching out beyond the four walls for you are right religion is not just something confined to a set place. Thanks for adding your thoughts this week.

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