Smiling Just Thinking About Him: Sunday Writing Prompt

Another’s love can be so elusive, a lifetime spent searching for it.

So, when you find it, rejoice and hold on tight, for it’s truly a gift.

As I look at him looking at me, the joy on his face tells me a story,

One that I seek to read every day, giving my value and worth a lift.

Who would have thought I would find him after my hair turned gray,

In the dusk of my life when I thought it would never happen to me.

But, sharing our aches and pains and memories no longer so sharp

Makes me thank God every day for this one who loves me gratefully.

He can put a smile on my face faster than a speeding bullet or train,

And his little acts of consideration makes him better than Superman.

To have someone lovely to share the last days of my time on earth

Is so much better and richer than any love that I could have planned.

Written for the Sunday Writing prompt from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. We were asked to write on what makes us smile. It was easy for me: my dear, funny husband.

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