Overcoming Our Fears Isn’t Easy: Wordle 167

Leaving her comfort zone, Julia swallowed the lump in her throat. She hoped that the struggle to defeat agoraphobia would be realized this night. Focusing her eyes on the luminescence from the seemingly thousands of stars above, she draped a coat around her shoulders and stepped out of her home for the first time in nearly six months.

The grass was sodden underfoot from the recent rains, and she slipped one shoe off, dipped her feet into the moist ground, remembering her delight as a child in stepping in puddles. Then, she moved toward the gate at the end of the yard, intermittently stopping and starting. She prayed that there wouldn’t be a crack in her resolve to go to the local pub, sit down, enjoy the stenciled designs on the walls, and have a Guinness with her neighbors.

As she entered the pub, voices were silenced. Then, her neighbors broke out in applause, for they knew the cost of her being there. She ordered her drink, and she joined in as they all lifted a pint to her tenacity and determination!

Fictional story from the Wordle #167 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The twelve words are in italics. Prompts reminded me of first time I ventured out of my house after suffering from agoraphobia so bad that I couldn’t go to work. With medication and therapy, I beat it, but it wan’t easy! How much of the world I would have missed!

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